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Hi. New here also - relatively.

I really like the S550s - especially the interior. Ford took a big leap forward with that one. My brother has a '16 GT PP. He installed the MBRP Street cat-back, and he's really happy with it. I've been happy with Magnaflow in the past, and I think you could not go wrong with Corsa (although they are pricey). I currently have the MBRP Race cat-back on my '11, and I love the sound it makes, but my wife thinks it's too loud. As soon as I can find a et of OE over-axel pipes I've got a RTR Comp Spec axel-back that I will install.

I would also highly recommend the K&N Blackhawk CAI. My brother and I both have it on our respective 'Stangs. It makes a difference you can feel in performance, and improves intake noise and looks too.
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